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Ashley M.

"Dr. Casey Bittner is absolutely amazing! I suffered with lower back and sciatic nerve pain so bad that I would be in tears after a 12 hour shift of working. I am happy to say that I no longer have that pain thanks to her! She is very professional and listens to your concerns and questions. I absolutely love this practice and I would recommend it to anyone! "

Traci D.

"All the staff are kind and professional. Dr. Bittner did a great job helping me to have pain relief and make some changes to feel healthier and stronger ongoing."

Sean S.

"I have struggled with lower back pain that has affected most activities and sleep for more than 15 years before finally deciding to see if a chiropractor could help. On my first visit, Dr. Jason Bittner told me he had full confidence that he could help me based on a program that he himself used after a severe sports related injury to his own lower back that he has been implementing with patients ever since. After completing his 8 week program, not only has my lower back pain been greatly reduced, Dr. Bittner imparted the specific knowledge as to why I've had the pain, how it can be eliminated, and most importantly how I can maintain the program on my own and live the rest of my life with a healthy lower back. I am extremely happy that I chose Dr. Bittner and with the entire experience. Dr. Bittner and his staff are very professional and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend him."

Jennie L.

"My kids and I have been coming to Dr. Casey for a while now, and she has really helped all of us! She is very kind to the kids and they enjoy coming in for adjustments, and my lower back pain is much better."

Mike K.

"What a great team! Had an emergency visit for severe neck pain. I called and with no hesitation I was told to come in asap. Dr. Casey Bittner was very friendly and greeted me with a warm smile like I was family. She was very thorough and precise about addressing my needs and came up with a plan for continued treatment at home. And not to mention I feel 100 percent better now this is definitely my go to team of doctors."

Dani A.

"I highly recommend Dr. Casey Bittner. I first went to Dr. Casey because my 4 month old son had an ear infection. This being my first child I wasn’t quite sure what direction to take with his treatment and she was incredibly empathetic and patient with me and all my questions! I also started going to Dr. Casey after suffering from vertigo for 9 months, after 3 treatments with her it was gone!! Dr. Casey is very friendly and a great listener. I really appreciate how knowledgeable she is and her willingness to educate and treat in a very professional, kind manner."

Stephanie L.

"Before seeing Dr. Bittner, I was in a lot of pain with my neck. I had never been to a Chiropracter before so I was nervous about what to expect. Dr. Bittner and Dr. Casey made me feel so at home and at ease with treatment! The atmosphere they provided was very peaceful and fun. They genuinely cared about how I was feeling. I am now pain free and able to sleep through the night! I highly recommend them to anyone!""

Jessica S.

"Such a great staff! I always felt welcomed and comfortable with everyone there.Highly recommended!"

Adam S.

"I was skeptical at first not ever been to a chiropractor before but Dr. Bittner made my experience very easy and fun. I highly recommend anyone who has back pain to go see Dr. Jason Bittner he's gotten my back feeling better than it has in years!"

Gina J.

"Dr. Jason and Dr. Casey are more than accomodating and flexible for your schedule, and always sensitive of your time. They are extremely professional, and help you understand each step of the process from beginning to end. They work as a team, and the entire staff is amazing. I went from extreme pain from an auto accident injury, to being able to do everything I had done before without problems or pain. We addressed not only my injury and how we were going to work together towards healing, but also addressed healthy eating and how those choices make such an impact on inflammation in the body. I would highly recommend this practice for all of your health needs!"

Alex H.

"After a few years of lingering back pain, I finally decided to see a chiropractor. I've always been skeptical, but from the minute Dr. Jason brought me back, I knew I made a wise decision. Instead of the typical doctor visit (prescribe pain killers and muscle relaxers, see you later) I received high quality, personalized care. They took X-rays and performed several manipulations and therapies that greatly helped my condition. The amount of time Dr. Jason dedicated to me was really refreshing. In addition to the treatments, Dr. J equipped me with the knowledge necessary to avoid future flare-ups. I'm truly grateful for the care I received and cannot thank them enough. I lament the fact that I now live several states away and have yet to find an office that meets the high bar they set."

Tim W.

"Dr. Jason Bittner is wonderful chiropractor and my wife really likes Dr. Casey Bittner. The entire office staff, from the receptionist to the tech to the doc, are very friendly and are concerned about your health and well being. You are not rushed, you are treated like a person not just a skeleton to adjust and move out for the next one. Jason has helped me with injuries from my working out, he is also willing to refer you to another doctor if chiropractic's will not fix your problem. I recommend both Dr. Jason and Dr. Casey to all my friends."

Ashlea J.

"Dr. Jason and Dr Casey Bittner are both wonderful chiropractors, and people! They will make you feel like a part of the family from the first visit. My past experience with chiropractic care can't come close to the awesome care I have revived from the whole University Pointe Chiropractic team!"

Ryan H.

"I slipped on a concrete flight of stairs and my lower back took the brunt of that trauma. I was torn between going to the hospital or visiting a chiropractor. I figured either way I would be placed on pain killers (something I did not want to take) and told to rest. Thankfully, I was referred to University Pointe Chiropractic Center by a coworker. The scheduling staff was very flexible around my work schedule. They got me in that day and I was very impressed with the courtesy and concern they showed. Not knowing what to expect - I was blown away with the care Drs. Casey and Jason Bittner showed. Dr. Casey took me to the X-Ray room and we had the results in a few minutes. Nothing was broken, but the swelling was substantial. Dr. Jason spent a great deal of time detailing the injury and developing a plan for treatment. Initially, we planned on 8 office visits over the course of a month. The first visit we did adjustments, stim/ice and he asked me to not exercise for a week. The pain and discomfort started to subside at a great pace. After 3 visits over the course of 10 days, I was almost back to normal. Dr. Bittner cleared me to resume normal activities, but to stop if I felt any pain. We had one final visit and I felt better than ever. I was shocked that a Doctor was willing to reduce office visits in half and not be put on any medications. The genuine honesty and care everyone at UPCC took was a breath of fresh air. I would recommend anyone with any discomfort or back issues to go see Dr. Casey and Dr. Jason. Their knowledge of the spine, neck, back and hips is unsurpassed by any orthopedic physician i've encountered."

Kristi R.

"Dr. Casey Bittner and Dr. Jason Bittner are wonderful! We trust them to treat our entire family for health and wellness & sports injuries. Both our children our involved in sports and see the doctors for injuries and preventive care. The whole staff is very kind and will accommodate our schedules. "

Matthew N.

"I woke up one morning and was in excruciating pain. I don't know what happened but I couldn't move my neck. Thankfully, my wife had me come in to see Dr. Jason that same day. After just one visit my pain had substantially decreased and I could move my neck again. After the second visit I was pain free and back to my job as a Personal Trainer. If I didn't come see Dr. Jason who knows how long I would have been in pain. The staff there are so kind and welcoming. It was such a wonderful experience. Thanks to you all and your amazing practice!"

Jeff E.

"I came to Dr. Bittner with acute back pain in need of immediate relief. Dr. Bittner listened thoughtfully and provided his prognosis and a suggested plan - telling me upfront that if I didn't notice relief by my 6th visit that at that point we would need to review options for other care (MRI, etc.). By visit #2, I was experiencing remarkable improvement and continued my visits as recommended. Throughout the treatments, I felt that Dr. Bittner's primary goal was relieving my pain and improving my lifestyle, not to prolong my care beyond what he felt to be beneficial to me. Dr. Bittner and his staff are calming, caring and professional - and I could not ask for anything more."

John H.

"I highly recommend University Pointe Chiropractic. The doctors and staff are very knowledgeable and friendly."

Ella Nora E.

"I am a fairly new patient of Dr. Jason Bittner. I started coming to him about 7-8 weeks ago. He evaluated my back pain and told me he could give me 25% of my movement back. I have followed his recommendations and have 25% back and am working on 50% which I hope to achieve! I would highly give his name to anyone desiring chiropractic care! A most caring and calming office for 1st time visitors!"

Ann O.

"Highly recommend this practice. I have been in for mild issues, as well as, very serious and have always been given the best of care.
Helpful, thorough and always attentive to my needs. Both doctors are top notch in care and knowledge."

Fran H.

"University Pointe Chiropractic Center is a great place to go for great care. Dr Casey is amazing. She listens to all your problems then explains your treatment to you. You never feel rushed. I would highly recommend UPCC for all your chiropractic needs."

Abby J.

"Dr. Bittner is the best! I was unsure of visiting a chiropractor, but after months of physical therapy and no relief for my lower back - I visited Dr. Bittner, and was so glad I did. Both Jason and Casey are the best of the best. From the moment you walk in, you feel at ease knowing they will truly listen to your symptoms and treat the cause of the problem. They are incredibly knowledgeable, walk you through your treatment plan from start to finish, and will answer all the questions you have. To say they are personable and friendly is an understatement - I know I'll leave each appointment laughing (and feeling better)."

Thomas B., MBA

"Dr. Jason Bittner and Dr. Casey Bittner have both helped me tremendously in relieving neck and lower back pain to the point where I have noticed an immediate impact. They both take the time to listen to your symptoms in order to provide the best care possible. The numerous times that I have been adjusted by Dr. Jason Bittner has been a great experience. I have learned a lot about how to manage pain and live a healthier lifestyle. I highly recommend both Dr. Jason Bittner and Dr. Casey Bittner."

Courtney G.

"UPCC was the first chiropractor I had ever been to and I will not go anywhere else. I have been treated by both Dr Casey Bittner and Dr. Jason Bittner and received exceptional care from both. 3yrs ago I had a surprising neck injury that Dr. Jason was able to help me through. With the treatment, stretches, tips, and constant support I was able to fully heal. UPCC has helped me with the daily aches and pains from having a desk job, to getting through pregnancy and helping my lower back recover after delivering my first child. I'm so thankful to have them in my life!"

Alexia S.

"Dr Bittner and the whole University Pointe Chiropractic Center is a great place to receive care. I was struggling with dizziness that my primary care facility couldn't figure out why, and Dr Bittner discovered it was my neck that was causing my issues. The treatment plan was easy, and he guides you through everything that you need to do on your own. After a few months of therapy and adjustments I was good as new! The atmosphere of the office is calming and very professional. You won't want to go to anyone else after visiting this office!"

Matt G.

"Dr. Bittner is simply incredible. I always feel as if I am his only patient during my visits. His medical knowledge and care is second to none - I would not trust my chiropractic care to anyone else!"

Lisa G.

"Highly recommend Dr. Casey Bittner and Jason Bittner. I felt so much better after seeing them and felt totally at ease with both of them. Will definitely go back and see them."

Geoffrey S.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Casey Bittner and Dr. Jason Bittner since they opened their practice in West Chester. The level of patient care and knowledge is outstanding! I highly recommend them for your chiropractic needs!! Most Dr. office visits now a days feel like a you're a number, in and out. Not with University Pointe Chiropractic Center, both Dr. Casey and Jason take time to make sure your expectations are being met and that you are receiving the time and quality of care you deserve. The supportive staff is very friendly and attentive from the moment you walk in the door. You will feel truly cared for, instead of the usual "number" at most healthcare offices."

Jan B.

"Dr. Bittner is wonderful! I had been going to another Doctor but thought I would give Dr. Bittner a try. So happy I did. He listens to my concerns and addresses them completely. When I am in pain or just need a small adjustment, Dr. Bittner always helps. He helps keep me moving. If you have not ever gone to a Chiropractor or need a new one, Dr. Bittner is worth a try. I have referred several of my friends to him, and they are very happy. Thanks Dr. Bittner!"

Joy B.

"Dr. Casey has been my chiropractor for 3 years now. She never makes me feel rushed, taking time to listen to my concerns, do a thorough physical exam, and make all the adjustments I need. She gives me really helpful practical steps to take at home when I've been recovering from an injury. I really like how she thinks holistically about the different things I've faced -- how do nutrition, posture, choice of pillow, shoes, etc. contribute to or detract from my health? I also appreciate how she works with me to find the best most affordable way to bill and cover each visit. She's reasonable, willing to engage the insurance company, and looks out for her patients. Highly recommend."

Robert W.

"Collegiate and professional football left me with some back and neck trauma that caused constant pain. Dr. Jason and Dr. Casey have been treating me since they opened and I will not trust my spine to anyone else's care. Not only has my pain diminished, but my flexibility, range of motion and even overall lower back strength have improved dramatically. Their expert knowledge, attention to detail to, and genuine care for each individual patient is evident when compared to the chiropractic "chains" in the area that mass treat AND over treat patients. There aren't enough stars to give! I would not recommend anyplace else."

Cindy S.

"This husband and wife team of Chiropractors are the BEST!! They have done so much for me and I just can't recommend them enough!! Through consistant, specialized care they helped me achieve pain-free movement and increased flexibility in a short period of time. Their compassion for others along with their strong desire for their patients to achieve better overall health goes above and beyond!! If you're looking for a GREAT Chiropractor call University Pointe Chiropractic Center and ask for an appointment with Dr Jason Bittner or Dr Casey Bittner. I know that either one of them would be happy to help you with your chiropractic needs....they truly are the BEST!"

Emily B.

"I cannot say enough positive things about the care provided by Dr. Jason Bittner at University Pointe Chiropractic. He treats my husband and I both and now my infant daughter. She was an incredibly fussy baby that the pediatrician insisted had colic and reflux. The pediatrician was quick to push medication to treat her symptoms. Dr. Bittner has helped my husband and I tremendously so we decided to see if he would be able to help our daughter. When she was three weeks old we took her to see Dr. Bittner. He was so patient, kind, and gentle with her. He made it such a pleasant experience. As he adjusted her I could see her body relax, I could tell that there was an immediate impact. After her adjustment she had a dramatic decrease in her GI symptoms, she was a much happier baby and we could tell that she was so much more comfortable. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Bittner to all of my friends and family!"

Erin P.

"I'm an avid weight lifter and throughout the years have accumulated back pain. I've been to see Dr. Jason for my lower back issues on two separate occasions within a two year span. He has helped me tremendously! He is very knowledgable and explains everything you need to know about whatever issues you have. You leave his office with exercises he shows you to do at home to improve your progress. Best chiropractor I've been to by far!"

Casey P.

"Dr. Bittner (Jason) has been an incredible help to my overall health. Not only has he offered specific support and coaching about my chronic back and neck problems, but he (and the entire office) were a tremendous help after my accident and injury. I appreciate that his approach is more holistic in nature and that he has made many encouragements about my overall health and other areas of my life that have led to additional pain management and relief. His adjustments are intentional, but not aggressive, and I leave feeling better than when I came, physically and otherwise."

Beth Y.

"University Pointe Chiropractic center is awesome! Both of the Doctors are great,very interested in each patient as a person and treating their specific needs. It's very much a family atmosphere, extremely warm and welcoming. Dr. Casey is great, so friendly and very gentle when she treats you. She has treated me for neck and lower back issues and migraines as well. Also great results...I am very pleased with my treatment there and will continue to see them for all my chiropractic needs!"

Keith H.

"Under Dr. Bittner's care I have had more improvement than I could ever have anticipated. The pain relief, and the imrpovement to my general health is remarkable."

Wade L.

"Love the atmosphere and care I receive at University Pointe Chiropractic- Dr. Jason Bittner is fluent in knowing the proper procedures and treatment options best suited for my conditions. The techniques used in the office and the outstanding staff help to timely expedite the whole process of my care from the beginning of my visit to when I leave- I never feel rushed and have had all my questions answered in a manner that I am comfortable in understanding. I have and will continue to recommend University Pointe Chiropractic to my family and friends."

Spencer J.

"Dr. Jason is the best chiropractor I have ever had. I am blessed that I found him. I will not go anywhere else. "

Kate J.

"Very thorough, caring, family oriented."

Karen H.

“Dr. Bittner has been a great help to me in corrective and preventative care. Best chiropractic care I've ever had.


“The first visit to Dr. Bittner was my first ever to a chiropractor. As a regional manager for several physician offices around Cincinnati, I was very impressed not only with their professionalism, but care and concern for patients.

I was having difficulty with my hip and as a runner I was not able to run without a significant amount of pain. Dr. Jason Bittner sat down with me, came up with a comprehensive plan of care and got me back to what I love doing.

I can’t thank him enough and would recommend this office to anyone that asks. GREAT EXPERIENCE!!!”

Valorie M.

“Dr. Casey’s chiropractic office was such a pleasure to encounter. She shows personal interest in your well-being. I have been to other Chiropractic offices and I was extremely impressed by the privacy of her examination and adjusting rooms.

Her evaluation of my painful situation was thorough. Not only did she evaluate the pain I was experiencing after my 2,500 mile road trip, she informed me of other treatments that would help my situation.

The pain was in my lower back, neck area and radiating down my right arm and she explained what was causing the pain. At that point, she explained what adjustments she could make to alleviate the pain and hopefully make me more comfortable on the rest of my vacation. The adjustments she performed worked as she described to me. Literally within minutes of walking into the office, I was able to walk out relieved of the pain I walked in with, which allowed me to enjoy the remainder of my vacation, pain free.

I truly appreciate the service and information she provided and I highly recommend this office.”

Michael S.

“At UPCC Dr. Jason Bittner and Dr. Casey Bittner make you feel like you are the only patient they treat. They are genuinely concerned about your overall well being and are dedicated to helping you improve your health condition. I have been a patient at UPCC for a few years, where they have helped me manage my condition by reducing my pain and discomfort. I continue receiving monthly adjustments to help maintain a healthy active lifestyle. I am very grateful for their passion and care, and would highly recommend them to anyone considering chiropractic care.”


“I had never experienced a chiropractic adjustment before coming to UPCC. Although I had read about the benefits of chiropractic, I was still a bit nervous. The doctors made me feel completely comfortable and walked me through the entire process of what was to be expected and WHY it is so important. I loved it! I soon noticed my posture was improving and I look forward to my monthly adjustment to maintain health and wellness. They are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about their patient’s well being and their chiropractic care. This is instantly obvious upon meeting them. I have no doubt these two are here to help change lives, and I am so thankful to be a part of UPCC!!”

Adra A A.

“On November 8, 2014 I was in a pretty bad car wreck that left me barely able to walk. A friend of a friend told me about a chiropractor by the name of Dr. Jason Bittner so I called the office and made an appointment. I waddled into the office where Dr. Casey Bittner came back and instructed me on what I needed to do for the first assessment. She said, “Seems like you are in pretty bad shape.” I replied, “I’m also in a lot of pain as well.” I was anticipating the worst: I did not even want to hear the word “surgery”; it wasn’t in my vocabulary. Dr. Bittner then told me that we have a lot of work to put in but there is a chance I could avoid surgery. I told Dr. Bittner, “I’m in it for the long haul, whatever you ask of me I will do.” I complied with everything he asked me to do and the best was yet to come. After five plus weeks I started seeing improvement. My co-worker noticed it as well and it made me want to work even harder in my recovery. I did everything Dr. Bittner instructed me to do and it all paid off! Today I just want to give my thanks to Dr. Bittner and his staff for seeing me through my long journey and recovery. I’m blessed to say that surgery was not and still is not in my vocabulary. THANK YOU DR. JASON AND CASEY BITTNER! Thank you Amanda for always greeting me with a smile! You all are truly professional.”

John B., Ph.D., M.Econ., MBA

“Dr. Jason Bittner and Dr. Casey Bittner are outstanding Chiropractic Doctors. They were able to fully relieve constant middle back pain and stiffness in a short amount of time. This also improved sleeping, energy levels, mobility, and even reduced headaches. Their treatments improve many aspects of your health. I highly recommend them to anyone who suffers from a wide range of ailments.”

Robyn R.

“Dr. Bittner is a miracle worker. After suffering the worst back pain I have ever experienced with little hope of correcting the situation quickly, he was able to get me back on my feet and back to business overnight and provided me with instant relief from my pain. And if that weren’t enough, there was absoltuely no wait to see him. He was always on schedule, very personable and made me feel comfortable. I would highly recommend Dr. Bittner!!!!”

Michael M.

“Jason Bittner helped treat my my ankle after i had badly sprained it. He was professional and knowledgable. He did a absolutely wonderful job. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who has pain in their spine or appendages.”

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